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VideoMost vaizdo konferencijų programinė įranga

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Instant Web Video Conferencing

VideoMost enables exactly what is called “Instant Web Video Conferencing”:

  • Instant — end users can start a conference easily and immediately, inviting anyone they need, not having to worry about neither the number of required participants, nor if the invitees have any appropriate software installed
  • Web — all a person needs to take part in a VideoMost conference, is a PC (Windows or Mac) with a webcam and a mic, and a broadband Internet connection; the service is available directly thru clicking a link, no registration is required to participants.
  • Video — VideoMost provides best possible video quality for each participant (and those having poor channel or low CPU do not affect the rest more lucky ones)
  • Conferencing — VideoMost supports full-fledged multi-user video calls, and provides all necessary features for efficient collaboration of conference participants.

VideoMost End User Features

  • Multi-point video conferencing, continuous presence mode
  • Peer-to-Peer instant video calls
  • Openness — external users can join a conference by clicking a link in an e-mail invitation, no registration is required
  • Friendly intuitive web-based interface
  • Web-based administrative interface to manage users, conferences, requests
  • Personal video layout selection, giving user control over the layout, instead of the MCU limitations
  • Enlarged voice-activated or user-selected speaker view
  • Self view
  • Privacy mode — user can mute transmission of own video and/or audio to the conference
  • Put conference 'on hold' — user can stop getting audio from conference
  • Full screen mode available both for video conferencing and document viewing
  • Integrated instant text messaging with other conference participants
  • Document and desktop sharing and joint viewing
  • Managing participation of other users (moderation)
  • Hands-free mode support with fully preserved audio quality (built-in echo and noise cancellation)
  • File upload option as handouts for participants*
  • Contact list with online status indication*
  • Automatic client-side software update upon joining a conference whenever a new version becomes available
  • Text and video recording for further reference*
  • Call-in/call-out features for PSTN-only participants*

VideoMost Technical Characteristics

VideoMost is a complete client-server software product. The media processing core of VideoMost is the TeamSpirit® Voice&Video Engine that provides high-quality voice and video processing and transmission over IP networks.

Communication quality

  • Enabling multi-point video communication in existing Internet channels starting from 512 kbps
  • Maximum audio and video quality, including in hands free mode
  • Error resilience — maintaining high quality of voice and video in case of packet loss
  • Standards-based video coding technology based on H.264 video codec and Scalable Video Coding (H.264 SVC)
  • Video resolution: QVGA (320x240), CIF (352х288), VGA (640x480), 4CIF (704х576), up to 30 fps
  • Voice codecs supported: SPIRIT IP-MR™ (IP Multi-Rate) adaptive codec and a suite of ITU standard (G.*) voice codecs for interoperability
  • Firewall/NAT traversal — provides a safe and secure connection through any firewall with no feature or quality loss
  • Based on XMPP — IETF standard for both corporate and consumer IM. Interoperates and integrates with existing XMPP servers


  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and other PIMs (personal information managers)
  • API for integration with third-party software solutions
  • LDAP/Active Directory support
  • Support of SIP to provide compatibility with existing video conferencing terminals and MCUs
  • Integration with IP-PBX to provide PSTN call-in/call-out functionality
  • Output to various external devices (PC, LCD TV, projector)
  • Encryption of transmitted data

Client-side System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.5.6
  • CPU Pentium IV or higher, Core2Duo is recommended for best performance
  • Supported browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8; Mozilla Firefox 3, 3.5, 3.6; Chrome*
    Apple Safari can be used for managing conferences via web interface
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