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EPIPHAN PathConsult

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Tai integruotas įrenginys, specialiai sukurtas medicininėms reikmėms, skirtas medicininės įrangos vaizų transliavimui internetu.


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PathConsult™ and PathConsult Pro™ are Epiphan’s integrated hardware devices for audio and video broadcasting specifically developed for telepathology needs. Both telepathology solutions facilitate the transfer of image-rich pathology data between distant locations for the purposes of diagnosis, education, and research.


PathConsult meets the performance need that telepathology requires so pathologists can select the video images for analysis and the rendering of diagnoses in great detail. PathConsult also allows for virtual “hands-on” involvement in the selection of microscopic fields-of-view for analysis and diagnosis by pathologists. The devices combine Ethernet based audio and video stream broadcasting and recording functionalities at a transfer rate of up to 30 frames per second with resolutions of up to HD 1080p that requires no additional software or annual fees.

PathConsult Key Features

  • Connects directly to microscope camera
  • Simultaneous recording and streaming
  • Viewers can access live stream through web browser
  • Compact, stand-alone solution, no additional software or hardware required
  • Supports live HD 1080p broadcast at 30 frames per second

PathConsult - Connection Diagram

Epiphan’s PathConsult has the ability to support up to three (3) unique connections to view simultaneously the broadcasted feed in HP 1080p. PathConsult is also able to simultaneously record and save the live stream to a FTP site, CIFS, RSYNC network storage or a USB local storage device. This allows multiple pathologists to diagnose, educate, and research in real time as well as review their findings at a future time. PathConsult Pro has extended capabilities to stream to mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad, which many pathologists are relying on more.

Microscope to iPad

PathConsult is easily connected to any microscope camera via HDMI/DVI port, microphone, and local network, to instantly and effortlessly provide crystal clear HD pathology images for consultation.

The all-in-one hardware solution of PathConsult and PathConsult Pro makes it even easier to view image-rich pathogolgy data. Simply enter the device’s IP address into any major web browser to participate in the live HD telepathology consultation.

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