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EPIPHAN MedRecorder

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Mediphan MedRecorder™ is a simple solution for the capture, archive, organization, and retrieval of diagnostic-quality medical images and DICOM images from nearly any medical device that has a video display (VGA or DVI). It is an effective low-volume picture archive and communication system (PACS) solution, and can also be used to enhance hospital security.

MedRecorder connects to the DVI or VGA port on medical equipment (e.g.: ultrasound, EKG, ventilator, ambulance equipment and more) captures the images that appear on the screen at virtually original quality, and records and archives them for future study.

Recordings can be saved as videos or DICOM images and instantly uploaded to a PACS server. Furthermore, recordings are can be accessed through MedRecorder Portal, an intuitive web-based user interface that is included with every MedRecorder and requires no installation or special software. MedRecorder provides a complete solution for capturing, organizing, cataloguing and archiving medi¬cal images and videos.

Medical professionals can store their images/videos for:
  • Future reference in patient care (electronic medical record)
  • Research purposes
  • Educational goals, including telemedicine, distance learning, remote lectures, and more
  • Cataloguing personal or educational studies such as resident procedural logs (videos of procedures, ultrasound scans, live patients or clinical/behavioural OCSCE)
  • Surveillance camera imagery, to capture clinical surveillance, performance, patient care, patient behavior research, distance patient monitoring, and more.

Mediphan MedRecorder™ requires no special software, computer or computer monitor—just a standard network connection. Because it is an external device, medical professionals do not need to open their medical equipment to install it, and no software needs to be installed. Most individuals can be up and running with the MedRecorder solution quickly, without assistance from the IT department.

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MEDIPHAN. MedRecorder. Connection Diagram.

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